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Day 25 – Energy Management

Today was tough. Had no energy in my legs for most of the day and I was in the position of wonderingwhat to do about it. Should I wait for the energy to come back or am I just being lazy and should try and push through it? Ordinairily the rule is not to push as this can lead to a more challenging situation and just sit it out and hope that the energy returns sooner rather than later. However this takes a lot of patience and faith. I decided to wait and sure enough, at 10:00 tonight it came surging back in time for me to make it to 100 laps.
It made it a long day though and I was last to leave tonight and had my first minor hallucination of the race. I thought I saw Asprihanal in front of me and he turned to me speaking and just vanished into the air.

It was very humid all day today and we had rain on my last lap tonight. Asprihanal went over the halfway point today.