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Day 2 – Reality

Day 1 finished with a bit of a struggle but I was still optimistic this morning and started off at a good pace but only held it for a couple of hours before I began slowing and having to walk. One problem was my lack of sleep last night and my back was uncomfortable all day, plus the heat and humidity. Pranab seemed oblivious to the temperatures and ran in a good day and finished early. My total for the day was very disappointing but it was all I could do. So despite all my plans and hopes 50 miles is what I have to accept. I guess there’s something to be said for training… I hope that this is just the acclimatisation period the first week is a time of adjustment.
So I now have 120 miles and still weigh 190 which is good, in some ways.
Stutisheel has his daughter,Anastasia, Nastea for short, as his helper and she is such a treasure. All day she selflessly served the runners with drinks as they came through and offered food. An Angel.