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Day 19 – 1000 and over the first hump

Robert Zucsin, Rathin Boulton, Martin Milovnik, me and Suprabha Beckjord all passed the 1000 mile mark today with only 75 metres separating Suprabha and I! Cooler temperatures but still with fairly high humidity – it didn’t rain.

I ran 97 laps today to tie with Trishul for top points in the Commonwealth Championships. Rathin has been struggling for the last few days and today was one of those days that always occur when you think things can’t get any worse… Nevertheless he is still in second place with Trishul crowing away at the top.Trishul has had blister problems that are slowly getting better.

Shoes are getting to be a problem as almost 40% of the course was replaced with fresh concrete last August/September and is a very rough surface to run on in parts. Martin said today that one pair of shoes only lasted 15 hours…