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Cat and Dolphin Communicating

Cat meets dolphin – a non-analytical approach.

The Mythos of Bali

It has been several years since I have managed to go on a Christmas trip and Prabhakar has just sent me a link to some photos he took while he was in Bali.
Balinese dancer.

I was fortunate enough to go to Bali a few years ago and these images remind me of how life on this Indonesian island still maintains its dignity and compassion. Prabhakar portrays a timelessness in the culture of this little country that has a similar size population to that of Wales, a culture that communicates through music and dance.
Bali has a Hindu minority that is nevertheless visible and integrated into the consciousness of the people. Shrines are everywhere and burning incense and rice offerings are familiar aspects of day to day life. From this devotional grounding has developed a rich culture.
Music is central to Sri Chinmoy, who visited a few times, and I am sure that this trip brought back a lot of memories for his students who have returned to Bali and which remains a natural environment conducive to connecting with the deeper rhythms that move in and through us on our journey. Thanks for the photos.

Checkout Prabhakar’s website for his Balinese gallery.
Wikipedia – Bali

Sound & Vision

Mantras are words or sounds that are chanted or repeated to produce particular efects as realised by ancient peoples and passed down through Indian and Tibetan teachings, for example, and are still part and parcel of spiritual practice today in many traditions.

Here in this video clip the effect of sound on materials can be seen to have a clear and startling impression.