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3 Weeks Later

Today it’s been 3 weeks since the race ended and I’m just getting back up to speed on the sites. As far as the race goes it was my best experience so far. It’s not so easy understanding what made it so, as there are so many variables involved. However I’m sure actually doing some training helped. That period in Bristol, running on the Cycletrack helped build the foundation there can be no doubt and I look forward to getting back there again.

I’m really inspired to train harder in the coming months and to try and get into a good enough shape to  reach the goal next year in the race – finish within 51Days.

Next race on the schedule is the 24 Hour Self-Transcendence Race in Tooting Bec in October. The RD, Shankara Smith, said that there were still a few spots left before the store closed for their annual August break. Looking forward to being there.