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Taking The Camel For A Run

A friend lent me his Camelbak which I tried out last night. Went for a 2 hour run heading North out of Bristol for about an hour. Not used to wearing anything extra, I don’t think I got to the point where I didn’t notice it. It takes a 100 oz of liquid plus all the other bits and pieces I took probably gave an overall weight close to 7 pounds. I also took 500ml of sports drink. It wasn’t that warm last night, I had leggings and my windbreaker on so I didn’t drink that much. However on longer runs this will be really useful.

It’s been a quiet week. Have been engrossed in web projects and haven’t run since Sunday. Four days off is a long break and now I’m getting back in the sadle for some more miles.

Long Way Central

First post usually starts on a positive note and this is no exception. Sunday is traditionally long run day and for me the running week begins here as well.

So today my two housemates and I set off together on our Sunday run along the Bath-Bristol Cycleway (BBC). At about the 20 mile mark I was alone again and had thought about a 2 hour out and 2 back route but I was still feeling good at the 2 hour point and so decided to go a little further and make it a 5 hour run. Just as I was approaching my turn around point I could hear people shouting above a bridge. I climbed up to see wat was happening and I realised it was the Bath half marathon. A couple of friends were running so I waited to see them pass before continuing on my journey.

On the way back just before Bitton I saw a guy walking along and dragging a carwheel tied behind himso I stopped and asked him what he was training for. He said he was planning a self-supported 600km ski-ing expedition across Greenland – a 25 day trek with a friend to raise funds for the Scouts who are celebrating their 100 year birthday this year.
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The Long Runs

The last few weeks I have had the opportunity to get some long runs in and so I am inspired to keep track of the miles as a reference for post race analysis. The actual mileage I will post in a table on another page. The last two days have been rest days.
One of my favourite runs at the moment is along the Bristol and Bath Railway Path – a step back into the past and a beautiful exit route from the city. The route gives me about 16 miles or so to Bath. Part of the route has been restored as a working museum and 3 miles or so of track extend before and after Bitton Railway station. On Sunday the train was running up and down the line with clean shiny locomotives puffing steam and smoke in the cool air.

Self-Transcendencer 3100 Mile Race Posts 2007

Due to server problems I had to stop using the blog and transfer posting to

That blog is now discontinued and all activity takes place at

Whether or not I shall keep a blog during the 2007 3100 mile race will depend on how much training I get in between now and then. The more training – the less blogging.

For all news about the race visit: and the race website,