Yearly Archives: 2006

Day 19

Reached 1000 miles today. Madhupran has continued his recovery with 131 laps.

Day 18

Day 18 began in a furious storm with high winds and rain lashing the camp and the runners and prevented runners from accumulating their usual mileages.
The winds died down by mid-morning and the temps and humidity began to rise again.

Madhupran is still recovering from his stomach problem and Asprihanal ran hard all day to take advantage. Martin struggled with an uncomfortable blister and Rainald and Rathin contiued to make good mileages as did Suprabha.

Madhupran’s helper, Helmut Schieke was 67 today and there was an ice-cream cake to celebrate.

RTL, the German TV station came today, Ted Corbitt came out to the race the day before

Day 16

Madhupran hits 80+ miles and Asprihanal completes a week of 70+ miles. It’s tremendously inspiring to be with these runners.

Day 15

Asprihanal moved into second place today with another awesome performance – 80 miles despite some heavy rain showers early in the day.

Day 14

Camp was abuzz tonight as Asprihanal took the days honours with 79 miles – 2 laps or so ahead of Madhupran and cutting the gap between him and Srdjan, still in second place and who topped out at 72 miles today, by some 6 miles.

The rain came again today. Fortunately the showers were relatively short-lived. The humidity was very high all day and the forecast is for more of this over the next 4-5 days.

I am still ahead of 2004’s position – by 600 metres

Hans-Jurgen Schlotter

Day 13

Madhupran reached a 1000 miles tonight, about 10:30 ish. Srdjan escaped tonight on 903 and Asprihanal had another good day to maintain third spot.

After threatening for some time, the rain finally arrived about 11:30 tonight and I left in a thunderous downpour. The high humidity today no doubt affected some with Rathin continuing his recovery after his good day on Day 11. Tsvetan has a little Achilles problem, Rainalds knee is improving. Pranab and Martin are doing well and Smarana also had to take it a little easier today.

Day 12

Not so easr

Day 11

Kuranga withdraws from the race while Madhupran Wolfgang Schwerk continues to pile up the miles with 781 after 10 days and a 478 6 day split. Srdjan Stojanovich lies second and Asprihanal Aalto is third.

The warm weather continues.

There seems to be a problem reaching the site.

The 10th Day

Several musicians come and play at various places and times around the course. Here we have Virendra playing drums and it immediately reminded me of a movie where this band was playing in such a rough dive that the stage was inside a cage.

Anyway, Premik came later with his Sax and played some entertaining songs.

The warm weather was here again today and somehow the day was particularly difficult and I finished grateful to have been able to cover 50 miles. Hans-Jurgen had a good day and seems to have recovered from his shin-splints.

Just before I left tonight I shot the scoreboard. Right-click for bigger image.

Day 9

Tonight I finished 100 laps with 5 miutes to spare. I have to thank Sundar and Dusan for dragging me out of the van with 8 laps and 75 minutes to go. I completely crashed out. Then, with 5 laps or so to go when I was shuffling around, 85% asleep, Smarana took me by the hand and encouraged me to go “A little faster” and I finally did it. Its great to reach goals, however humble.

Madhupran continues to impress with another great day – I didn’t check the scoreboard so I don’t know for sure who is where. It was a lot cooler today and escaped with a light shower in the evening.

Medur said he will put some photos up on the race site. As soon as I find a link I will post it.